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Interior Space Desk Side

Cross-Brand Bundles for
Corporate Gifts & Interior Spaces

The ​​Terre Gaillarde Interior Fragrance Desk Side allows local Austin businesses to explore & order interior fragrances from our assortment for your establishment. For your appointment, we will bring our assortment of candles and incense to your place of business for you to peruse & purchase at your convenience. Orders must be cross brand. If you are interested in a single brand, we kindly recommend contacting our vendors for a potential bulk order. 

Top Tier

Top Tier is for business owners looking to scent their establishments. Each product is individually wrapped and delivered to your preferred location. This option only qualifies for local drop-off and does not include transit packaging for shipping purposes.  

Middle Tier

Middle Tier is for business owners looking to gift their clientele, partners, & employees. Each product is individually prepared for shipping & dropped off to your preferred location. You will be responsible for shipping each product to the recipients.

Base Tier

Base Tier is for business owners looking to gift their clientele, partners, & employees and want us to manage fulfillment. 

Accord Tier

Think of the accord as a gift card for your clients. You’ll receive a batch of unique, one-time use codes that afford your recipients a pre-fixed selection of candles. If the codes are not used in 6 months, they will be deactivated & the remaining candles will be delivered to you locally at no charge. If the drop-off location exceeds the 20 mile radius of 78660 or cannot be picked up, the customer is responsible for the shipping expenses.

All service tiers require a desk side appointment. 

Book Desk Side Appointment: $50
The desk side booking fee is non-refundable and will be deducted from your order if you place one. If an appointment is rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance of the service, the deposit can be applied towards the rescheduled appointment. All canceled appointments, regardless of time of cancellation, forfeit their deposits.  



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